Amazing healer. I have been seriously restricted due to tendonitis in my right arm for the past three months. I have been unable to lift even a coffee cup to my mouth with my right hand. I have been unable to practice much of the bikram yoga that I dearly love. Three months of acupuncture and physical therapy brought little relief. Let me tell you now that in one session, I not only found relief from the pain, but significant increase in range of motion and expanded use of my right arm.
--Mignon Durham

Chandler's uncanny ability to see through the my marital issues and then provide a roadmap for recovery has given me hope that there is light at the end of the tunnel.
--Andrew Levin

The deep massage brought peace of body and mind. It was the first 1&1/2 hour massage I've had and it brought a deep level of inner peace and ease that remained.

 I was grateful for the inner direction to schedule a session with Chandler for Chakra balancing.  The connection we established was immediate and powerful.  I was reminded of things I needed to remember and given the opening to move in new directions to assist me on my path.  The overall experience was deep and uplifting. My experience was deep, profound, and uplifting. I highly recommend a session with Chandler.
--Byrdi Lee

Bliss! My experience was so relaxing from the soothing massage and gentle touch, to the deeper massage, to the peaceful music and restful ambience! I recommend it highly!
--Valarie F.

Raphaela and Chandler Fritz both possess extraordinary healing gifts and I'm so grateful they have chosen to bring Nectar Healing Arts to Asheville. I have received over 100 massages/body work sessions over the years, and I can honestly say that Raphaela's session was the most potent session I have ever received. I have also received chiropractic adjustments for the past 8 years and when I left my session with Raphaela, my body felt like I had just received chiropractic and massage.  I felt space created in every joint.. my wrists, shoulders and spine especially.  She was completely tuned into the energy of my body and seemed to know exactly where my body needed to be touched to support it's unwinding. The session felt like a healing journey and when we were done, I felt more complete than I've ever felt after a session. She got everything that needed attention. I highly recommend her work to those new to massage as well as those who have been to numerous healers. She is up there among the great body healers of our time.  My session with Chandler supported me in bringing clarity to a big decision that I had been wasting alot of energy trying to weigh out with my head.  His compassionate and direct presence did not tip toe around the truth, but rather allowed be to stare it right in the face and make peace with it.  I was supported in letting go of fear and pride and encouraged to take steps to manifest one of my biggest dreams. I'm so grateful to sit here today... after only a few months after our session, feeling in awe of this previously insurmountable achievement that is now my reality!  Thank you so much!
--Elizabeth Isis Ziogas

I really enjoyed the massage. I was glad you were able to come to my house. It was nice to be able to relax and not have to drive home afterwards. I think it was just what I needed after being so stressed. I felt much better after the treatment.
--Lisa A.

My experience with Raphaela was amazing! The setting felt extremely comfortable, the temperature of the room was perfect, the music was beautiful and set of relaxing tone the entire experience. She was very considerate of the particulars I listed.
--Amanda K.

After I was hit by a car on my bicycle at nearly 40mph, I suffered a separated shoulder, concussion and deeply bruised meta-tarsals.  In addition to the physical injury, I began the process of healing emotional and psychological wounds of a closed head trauma.  With Raphaela as a massage and yoga therapist, I was able to strengthen the muscles around the bruised bones in my feet, and regain full mobility of my shoulder.  I found that the weeks I was not able to get to therapy, I was more anxious and tense, and achy.  Her massages instigate healing on multiple levels because of her wide breadth of knowledge.  This knowledge-base about the body and subtle layers is also obvious in the sequence and structure of her yoga classes and private instruction.  She's genuine and intuitive, and takes therapy to a whole new level.  She encourages you to dig deep and employs a skillful tone and touch to guide you towards your highest healed self.  I am eternally grateful for her services, and I credit her attention for my body and spirit's swift recovery.
--Emily Hyberger

I really needed a massage after many months without, and Raphaela delivered a great one! She's friendly and knowledgeable, and I left feeling looser, more comfortable, and happy.
--Scott H.

Meeting & working with Chandler is empowering and provides direction. Being awake and aware, can be a great gift and with help we can come to understand how to best care for ourselves- then help others. Providing understanding and clarity- helping other harness and fine tune their gifts within. He is a skilled intuitive and kind person. Having the help of Raphaela and Chandler is a gift and miracle.
--Tybie M.

The massage I received from Raphaela was incredible.  She has healing in her hands!  She knew just the right amount of pressure to relieve my stress and pain that I was previously experiencing.  Raphaela made me feel right at home from the moment that I entered the studio.  I instantly knew that I was in a safe and loving space.   Her professionalism and years of experience also gave me comfort.  I was in awe with the amount of bliss that I felt throughout my body by the end of my therapeutic massage.  I feel blessed to have had this experience.  I highly recommend Raphaela to anyone.
--Sheila Mraz

Such a wonderful & grounding massage! Raphaela is an attentive, skilled & present body worker. She checks in with my needs and how my body is feeling. She creates a nurturing and supportive space that allows for deep relaxation. When I speak with Raphaela, I know she is with me and cares. I would recommend her to others for body work.
--Judy M.

Raphaela knows how to pamper you.... she gave mini massages to our guests and they loved them and her...One lady said that was the best 10 minutes ever!! Thanks again!!
Amazing massage ... this is my 3rd one with Raphaela ... I plan on treating myself to these to keep me feeling great :)
--Robyn Riddle

Raphaela has a true understanding of her clients body. Feeling so much pressure and stress lifted from me. Would highly recommend and definitely coming back.

I received a thorough, wonderful, healing massage from Rafaela.. She has a natural, intuitive touch and I was very satisfied with the results of my 90 min session with her, and would highly recommend her service... 5 stars !!!
Bob P.

I highly recommend Raphaela as a massage therapist. She uses her excellent massage skills, intuitiveness, and present awareness in her work as a healer. I feel fabulous after my 90 minute massage with her.
Bethany H.

I highly recommend Raphaela's work. She is a highly skilled massage practitioner and healer. Best work ever!
--Joseph F.

I decided to see Raphaela for massage after attending a yoga class she instructed. Despite coming in as a substitute she had shown amazing awareness of each persons individual needs and had led a gentle yet exhausting class. The massage was wonderful, I will be back.
--Ava Carr

Raphael is a healer. From the beginning you know you are dealing with a professional who has extensive practice and expertise in many areas of bodywork. After discussing my personal injury history and current problem areas, she administered a deep tissue massage that loosened up some major large muscle-group tightness that I had in my legs. My legs felt better the next than they have in years.
--Buddy Tignor

With a kind and steady presence, Raphael's strong, sensitive pressure was exactly what I needed. I left feeling replenished and softened. The woman has skills. Go.

Lovely!! The pain in my shoulder was gone after the wonderful massage with Rafaela! I would highly recommend her!
--Kris H.

I take yoga with me wherever I go. Class is not an hour or more of “exercise” that one must endure, but rather a time of emersion that became essential to my life during the joys of early motherhood and trials and tribulations of other life happenings. Through Raphaela’s beautiful example, stories, asanas, and sense of humor, I was able to allow transformation in my life that I could take with me, as well as extend to others, well beyond the mat after class had ended. The myriad of aspects of her class filled so many needs in my mental, physical, spiritual, psychological, and emotional capacities. I will be forever grateful for the gift of yoga that I experience with Raphaela.
--Catherine Rainey