Chandler Fritz

Certified Intuitive Counselor offering sessions in transpersonal counseling, chakra reading/balancing, soul purpose discovery, past life regression therapy, and energetic house and business clearing.

Certified Vastu practitioner focused on energetic remediation of businesses, homes, and personal space.

Certified Reiki Practitioner.

Experienced Yoga Nidra (radiant restoration) practitioner.
Studied Acupuncture for three years under the tutelage of Dr. Zhou, headmaster of Harbin Medical University.
Certified Master QRA Practitioner. Completed certification in Quantum Reflex Analysis under Dr. Marshall, founder of Premier Research Laboratories, including personalized mentorship.

Descriptions of lesser known modalities:

Intuitive Counseling offers a way to help resolve challenging obstacles through intuitive insights, discussion, and tactical approaches to life change. Whether faced with life changing business and career decisions, unsolvable relationship issues, or simply a question regarding your personal growth, intuitive counseling provides direction and discernment through complex choices.

QRA (Quantum Reflex Analysis) is the most proven, premier form of diagnostics available to date. Using a synthesis of applied kinesiology, traditional Chinese medicine, and Ayurveda, QRA evaluates the body's bio-field (energy systems) at the quantum level leading to personalized formulations of herbal based Nutraceutical remedies made of the highest quality organic, biodynamic, four polarity, body of light herbs (from living sources) available on the planet.

Raphaela Fritz

It is deep joy and wisdom that Raphaela infuses into her healing practice of Yoga ,Yoga Therapeutics, and Bodywork.
She has been practicing yoga for 24 years, with a primary focus of teaching for the last 14 years. After deep immersion and receiving certifications for various styles and methods, she now uses that experience to teach from her heart. Raphaela blends her knowledge and application of physical alignment with the subtle energetic flow that moves through us in a dynamic class featuring vinyassa, downtempo music, and aligned flow. Check out class location and time here.

As co-facilitator and visionary of, Nectar, a healing arts space and yoga studio that served as Saluda’s hub for practitioners and community to gather since 2010, Raphaela and her family relocated to West Asheville, NC in 2014. Raphaela and Chandler continue to share their greatest gifts of healing and transformation out of the Nectar Healing Arts studio located in Le Coeur, 602 Haywood Road #A, Asheville, NC 28806.
Raphaela offers yoga classes at various locations in Asheville, including West Asheville Yoga, located on the first floor of the Nectar Healing Arts studio, Rainbow Community School and out of her home.
As she continues to evolve, heal, and strengthen within herself and her own life, she is committed to infusing her offerings with those lessons and teachings. She is deeply drawn towards ancient wisdom and how the application of that knowledge can serve our modern experience of embodiment.